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The following business opportunities are presented by myself.



Today, organization relay heavily on the conclusion of Market analysis when they are facing with business decisions and strategic planning.  MY-OP helps businesses to create the operation required for this analysis. By deploying digital coupons, the end customer will give us his honest opinion which will be measured and processed in real-time and provide clarity for the company’s future plans.


The following stars are presented by myself.


WHY Driveit

Drive it is making mid-range traveling as accessible as a privet car parking in your garage. The advantages convenience of carsharing, combine with the widespread availability of unused rental cars all over the country and with an affordable cost will set the ground for a new and improved carsharing experience.



human errors and mistakes being made by medical personal costing health systems all over the globe more then 49B$ a year. MedAware wish to mitigate this 1.5M preventable medical errors by identifies and prevents medication-related errors and risks using advanced machine learning algorithms.

By continuously analyzing the practice patterns of thousands of physicians treating millions of patients around the globe, the software accurately flags medical errors that contradicts the profile of the patient, the physician, or the institution.



We all wish and aspire to live in a healthy way, and as time pass, we understand that this way needs to be a natural one. The awareness for healthy and natural way of life drives V+ to establish an online department store to fulfill the community’s lifestyle needs in a more accessible and affordable way then ever before.


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