The Reason I Care

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Even if I think I have no control, I have to worry about it!

We like to control we love to use, but the most sensible thing is to make sure we don't hurt it. We may someday regret it, but nature will continue to do its thing.

If we can't do something good, big and powerful, then at least we shouldn't do anything bad to anyone!

A few years ago I was a mentor to their innocent 12-16 year olds in the face of what's happening in the world was amazing and I learned a lot from them, I will share the insights from them.

Why what's wrong?

A few years ago during college, I put together a group of young entrepreneurs, the group had 14 arrogant, sweet, and brash kids.

I remember dividing them into groups were some who didn't understand why I was the one controlling them and maybe they should get some freedom or maybe control the moderator.

But it only strengthened my motivation to make a change here!

The program was 8 months and at the same time I worked as a team manager in a new satellite station broadcast and I had to continue my studies, pass grades and lead this group of children to a good place.

We had to find a product that we could sell and make money with, the theme of the entrepreneurship program was "business entrepreneurship" and so the emphasis on making money was significant.

I very quickly took it upon myself to change their thinking and at first I did not focus on the competition or the product but on them, the children!

What do you want to change?

How do you see the world?

What's not good in the world?

How do you see your impact on the world?

First, all children reacted differently. They did not understand how they could make a change, to think that so far they had just accepted what the world had to offer and did not think about the possibility of change and since I understood, it is my job to allow them to make a change or at least whistle the opportunity.

Not just making money but making change, during the first few weeks we were so busy brainstorming, the challenge was how to make money and fast!

And I thought about how to create value.

When we talked about the value of their thinking changed and very quickly they had plenty of directions to take it.

From the beginning of the program we talked about the vision, it was great!

Minimize the world's air pollution, that's how we set it.

You can imagine the brainstorming process if children 12 to 16 with such a big chore, the whole process I emphasized to them that everything they do needs to realize the vision.

After 6 weeks we arrived at the product:

"The Green Set"

Children's play, in a box that has everything inside these tools to minimize the use of plastic tools, the outlet is aimed at 5-10 year olds and so the children in the program felt that they were now telling the little kids how to minimize the use of plastic.

"You learn the best you teach"

When I got them to the point that they manufactured the product and bought all the products we created on the go on a sales campaign, our high value won!

The children did not stop sharpening the need for the adults to spend quality time with their children using the "Green Sack" product and everyone was happy.

Even the world.

My goal is not only to bring about change but to do everything in order to continue to give value to the world and in this situation to the children as well, today they have grown and already have 3 wonderful entrepreneurs among them.

That's my value to the world.

Thank you for reading,

Gavriel Ariel

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