Coronavirus, time for collaborations.

Our world as we knew it has changed, from tomorrow we will experience changes in law, socity behaviour and decision making for business and individuals., it has never been harder to make a simple decision like buying one or two soaps!

This virus path isnt known, nor the specific changes we will experience in the next days, weeks or months.

I just know for sure that yesterday's world went through a shake, Tomorrow is not so clear but today it is certain that we needs to stay home.

Here is what I know to give you, thats include guidelines for this uncertainty time.

Individuals or businesses, it doesn't matter, COVID_19 ffects everyone.


Everything we could fix stopped and now there's a kind of reboot. We come together within ourselves and all we want is to be safe now, there is a sense that there is uncertainty.

More concerned people, less free to do whatever they would like to do, feel detained in the face of the invisible damage called COVID 19 Everyone fears what is unclear.

People's trust is very important to business and especially to the economy, every action that customers ever do is because there is trust between customers and business.

The big challenge we face today as humanity is COVID 19 but tomorrow is trust between people.

Business, it's us:


Every business had a vision, goals and objectives. I believe that the companies that have carved the value of credibility and transparency will undoubtedly go through the crisis, you are the strongest now.

People will look for the businesses that understand their pain, their exact need but they will not trust you, we as business owners need to think about what makes my clients believe me? How do I prove my worth? How can I help them know more about me?

We are experiencing a turnaround in customer behavior and we better understand it quickly.

All economic and business newspapers don't stop talking about business opportunities, I love talking about opportunities, but most of all I like to execute, I'm sure some business owners, CEOs and investors are disappointed. The hardest thing for any business owner is this sense of uncertainty, the people who can handle this feeling and still act are admirable, more than anything I say that a smart business owner should prepare for these situations as well.

Challenges and freedom of action, we do not always have a safe and clear path, the wise survives.

The positive thing that can be taken from the Coronavirus is the time to think, currently a lot of businesses are closed, there is no doubt frustration but if we take advantage of this event and start thinking what an advantage we have of competitors really and start thinking about other needs, other services and more.

I see for the poor two major types of businesses that will be very hurt by the crisis:

Small Business Owners:

For most of these professionals with a passion and love for what they do, it's the most beautiful thing to me and I love working with these people, I'm sure they each have a gift to give to the world. They know the meaning of business survival. Most often they imagined how a crisis would work and if you took away all the difficulty in running their business, they would continue to do what they do nonstop.

For them, the crisis is the most painful, they are supported by income from the business, they are running after their dream, they are mentally vulnerable and weak.


They are the most creative, the most flexible, the fastest of all other businesses in the business pool, use it!

CEOs of SMEs:

The CEO is the governing character, he must control and manage but when there are blows on his head, he also needs shelter.

I like to call it a mirror manager, it always serves as a mirror to the stakeholders or outwardly, it must reflect a positive reality, both to maintain its place and to manage the people under. The CEO of a crisis of this magnitude is very interesting, he can choose whether to get all frustrated and blame the first patient in China or he can roll up his sleeves and make a significant change and fast.

I believe most decision makers at this point would think about how to minimize damage and save operating costs, fixed costs, etc.

In my opinion, at this point, the decision makers need to map what is happening in the market and not just the company, maybe there are competitors that should cooperate with them and fight the virus together? So how will they be the first to raise their heads when this big wave goes away, the solution to almost all the problems is so close and it is called collaborations, that is the key to success, right after the crisis!

These days, I invite to a shared brainstorm and work more together.

I believe this is what the world came to teach us, be good to each other.

It's time to be together,

Gavriel Ariel

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