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The following business opportunities are presented by myself.


The following business opportunities are presented by myself.



A lot of businesses need help now, on the other hand, individuals, quality customers are looking to save money. 
And more than that, they really want to help businesses. It's time for coupons for a real and honest opinion that is measured in real-time and helps businesses focus on the most profitable products and services.

The company raises $ 2M.

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WHY Driveit?

Making mid-term trips as accessible as if you drive your own car. Drive it provides the convenience of car sharing with the affordability of a rental car

Distribution of unused rental cars all around towns and country, allowing user proximity and 24/7 pick up and return
The company raises $ 2.5M.

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WHY MedAware?

When it comes to medicine, mistakes can be dangerous and costly. In US:

medicine errors are 3rd the leading cause of death. 
1.5 Million preventable medicine errors result in injury or death every year.
49B$ in wasteful health-care spending.

The company looking for collaborations in different markets



We all desire to live in a healthy and natural way. Nowadays, there is much more awareness to living a healthy and natural lifestyle alongside our loved ones. Our online department store makes your desired lifestyle more affordable than ever
The company raises  €2M

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