I'm Gavriel Ariel


I’m Gavriel and I’m a specialist in business opportunities & investments with an insider’s view and a deep connection to israel’s startup ecosystem 


My story starts back in 2003, when I witnessed my parents shop go out of business. In retrospect what hurt the most wasn’t the financial issue, but the look in my parents eyes as they realized their dream to “do good” in the world perished. My dad named the shop “do good” because that was his honest dream, to do good deeds - that was his vision.


As a young boy I couldn’t comprehend, how can someone with such a strong will and a positive view fail? The frustration was overwhelming, but more so, was the desire to understand how?


Since then I’ve been putting all of my efforts into helping businesses with the desire to make the world better, become profitable. That way they can continue their activity and influence more people with positivity and kindness.

That is my life’s goal


I started my first business in 2013 while studying B.A. Business Administration and since then I’ve been learning everyday more and more about the essential needs of business.


In 2017 I started My-Op, an AI-based operative & marketing data analysis system for small businesses & entrepreneurs which now has a 7-digits net worth.


When I got to the expensive development stage I realized that as an underdog startup CEO - I need to find a cheaper way to follow through with the development stage without giving up on quality.

I decided to fly to India to assemble a team of professionals. While finishing the initial prototype I noticed that although the product was high quality and the team was top notch, the investment was incredibly low. That’s when I learnt that I can help more people utilizing the team and the method I established.


Using my insights and new connections I started a new company IB-Solutions, a technological development company. Short after, we started recruiting the best minds in west India  in cooperation with LJ College.

All these ventures eventually led me up to my final piece of the puzzle, B-Solutions, which helps entrepreneurs find business opportunities and refine their objectives to make higher success rates & positive exits.


Entrepreneurship is the motto.

I’ve helped connect startups with investors, made collaborations with influencers and performed hundreds of workshops and lectures about entrepreneurship, motivation and teamwork in conferences around the world.

My team and I evaluate the data, take care of obstacles and execute any task. Our goal is to find what’s best for a startup, create a model, find problems, and take care of any issue to get the job done and save a lot of time and money.


This is my passion - what’s yours?