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to make a change.

This is me

Outside the box

All my life I thought I was weird, different and illogical.
Today I understand how much power I have in business, solving complex problems and creating business opportunities.


You're here, which means you've  started the JURNEY  to change your business.

Together,  We will 


the most creative 




I advise companies
and NGOs in initiatives
and campaigns

I do not start working until I have all the relevant information,

About your business & YOU. 

The entrepreneurs or company leaders, 

Need to understand what change YOU would like to see in the world, Culture and Company Vision.

I believe in change after deep planning that produces quick results($) and stays long term.

When I understand very well what the company's motive is, what the company's main vision is, I start designing the 3-step goals and objectives, easy-to-reach, intermediate and final goals, all to test and analyze the data all the way through and save the company energy, save money and time.

"focus on value and money will follow"

As I see it, we must first focus on value,

as much value as possible intentionally and inexpensive way.

After we have it,
we need Just tell the story in a
creative way.

In order to differentiate your business from the competition.

When you focus on personally value to the consumers you have no compatitors.

I recommend, do not start selling only when we were able to produce the WOW effect

Clients & 


All clients and collaborations are one big vision,

to make it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses and allow as many positive people to see the change they want to see in the world

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