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"Thinking outside the box and breaking boundaries are the stepping

stones to creating profitable business opportunities"

Israel’s hi-tech industry is full of incredible products with the potential to make the world a better place.

My goal is to find the best ones with proof of potential profit, promote them into new markets

and create business opportunities with investors and mutually beneficial companies.

Connecting investors & hi-tech startups 

Entrepreneur 4-foundations Acceleration Plan:

Together with a team of experts we’ve built a unique 4-foundations method,

where every layer makes up to 25% of the project’s success.

We believe that the stronger the foundation is,

the likelihood of a startup success grows.

# 1


in this step we perform a full background check of the entrepreneur,

we look into the CEO to see his ability to work under pressure,

his personal vision and analyze the way in which he performed business etiquettes.

# 2

The Product

We look into the way the startup defined the product.

Using our team of experts, we analyze and improve the product

as much as possible utilizing the latest methods available in the industry.

# 3


We check to see how the entrepreneur created his market research and perform

a full  analysis

using a wide range of tactics to improve and make a winning market entry strategy.

# 4


We research the entrepreneur’s business

plan to find proof of potential profit. If the potential is there, we instruct him on

how to perfect it and

begin characterizing

the ideal investors

(whether it’s an angel investor or a company that can benefit from the startup). Once the business plan is ready, we begin to find and connect the start up with business opportunities.

The 4 Foundations are

The Entrepreneur 4-Foundation acceleration plan is carefully generated and monitored

in cooperation with experienced advisors and tech experts

with a deep understanding of Israel's hi-tech industry.


Once the 4-layers are completely clear and ready, we pack everything together,

to create the roadmap that'll navigate them through the best route,

minimizing risks and maximizing profit.  


Every quarter the best startups get a promotion plan including development funding for 5% of future profit.

These companies will be presented to potential investors with a whole heart

and a strong belief of potential success and profit.


Ready to get the funding for your vision?


The Investor gateway to Israel’s hi-tech industry:


A tailor-made investment plan for venture capitals, angel investors and established companies. Combining passion, capital, and thorough research. You will be able to break into one of the most profitable industries in the world, to get a competitive advantage.

Our first step is to characterise you as an investor.

What is your passion?

What is the reason you want to invest?

Are you motivated by an ideology?

Are you well known with or within a certain market?

What tools can you bring with you to a startup?


Every investor does it for his reasons, my objective is to connect the right company/startup to his will and character. An investor with a personal and emotional connection to a startup can have an immense positive impact on the company’s achievements.


I believe that this is the best way to create a harmonious and mutually beneficial investment that could last for a long time.


Based on a set of questions that has been meticulously crafted we can find the perfect connection for a profitable business opportunity.


My job is to maintain a win-win situation, always making sure both sides are balanced financially and emotionally. 


In my point of view, what appears to be the right choice from the investors perspective, can harm the entrepreneur’s moral which could hurt the investor in the long run - and vice-versa. That’s why I will always stay true to the natural balance of what’s good for the business, to ensure that growth and success will always be the top priorities.

Every investment involves risk management, that’s why every entrepreneur and startup I represent goes through the extreme standards of my Entrepreneur 4-Foundation acceleration plan.


Ready to go through the gate leading to your next opportunity?


In our world, technological development is a part of success. experts needed!


I founded IB-Solutions with an amazing partner who today runs the company with phenomenal values and management capabilities.

IB-Solutions provides maintenance, consulting, and software development services while emphasizing rapid, quality, and service development in accordance with the needs of start-up entrepreneurs, IB-Solutions specializes mainly in developing applications in various technologies, AI, VR, AR, IBM Watson, and more

Teksun Group

 Full collaboration with Teksun, which provides a wide range  of solutions to entrepreneurs around the world, managing technological products while emphasizing IoT and the 4.0 industry

Teksun delivering the best of breed solutions to build and developing enterprises/ independent product vendors across spectrums. Teksun assists organizations to get an aggressive edge by leveraging new technologies to drive reform, maintain scalability, and examine new opportunities.

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